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Although some anxiety, but as a guest house of God, whetherMBT Shoes UK it is easy to cloudy or Qi Lin, are not living down to prevent occupational Daquan team the power of this slight uneasiness in the next few days of calm are followed by a clean kill, Lei Yan Na , who, though they have amazing strength, but went out every day in addition to inquire about the news of thieves, but not much trouble, nor show too much Qi Lin concern.
Every morning, Lei Yin Na and the ranks of the archers after the thieves will be open space in the temple to do some martial art of sparring exercises, Qi Lin seemed interested in this, every morning on time to the sidelines.
Lei, Inna, who did not care to be seen, even if Lin Qi seen their sparring, it is impossible to know which hair force skills.
So calm for three four days in Victoria has yet to return, Lei Yan Na, who finally lost patience.
************************************************** ***********
The eve of departure.
Six people in the room or stand or sit a circle, placed in front of Bud Inna to the data collected these days, she stretched out a strong slender fingers, rhythmically tapping the desktop: "We are probably less than in other dimensional, and can not continue to waste time here, into the sea of ??trees tomorrow, with our own methods to find Eric. "
And the town who come to Easley's no different from the order of the adventure, they come here, but it is from another direction if asked.
Cloudy with easy to separate the first time, Eric caught in the deep sea of ??trees, Bianxiang his former sent a distress call from a person, though separated for a long time, but between him and from there is always a way to keep Contact the props, which allow the other party to know its approximate location.
If there is no easy to cloudy, Eric even continue to get lost in the sea of ??trees in years, and can not use the SOS signal, because no need to, but now he must as soon as possible to find people who can give him a clear guide.
But that time Eric who is very far from the place, and can not come in time, they communicate through the magic, the mercenary group to send you white teeth care, so, Lei Inna six personnel to the vanilla town.
Dawn after the forty-fifth chapter
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Lei Inna peers with a few people are mercenary group in the top players in all aspects, and different expertise to almost any situation they face.
Distress signals as shown by the fuzzy position to know that Eric is the sea in the tree, but as to what the sea in the tree, where, or what he encountered led him to issue such a signal, Lei Yan-Na, who was a None known.
So they sent only a small elite to come to exploration, one reason is that the mercenary group has its own affairs, not too many people involved in the separation operation, and secondly, the special circumstances of the decision tree, the sea here is not convenient large procession, a few The team of people to a dozen people to explore the most appropriate way.
Lei Inna some broken his hand a paper: "We come to the first day of release found in the temple town of vanilla reward, they are looking for people who, according to description, and the image of adults who are some of Eric line, together with the High Priest according to the survey that the identity of, and I have reason to suspect that the person he had been looking, and we are the same. So here I will be waiting for him, hoping he can get more detailed messages. "
Redhead decisive voice calm, methodical analysis with: "But unfortunately we can not come, I do not know when to hang back-dimensional neurotic, so I decided to wait for tomorrow morning into the tree, tracing the sea."
Na Lei Yin's proposal for the remaining five, four everyone agrees, Lei Inna put eyes on the last one: "Altered Beast, what is your problem?" Is called the Beast of the people, even to sit and peer in a closed room, still wearing the cloak tightly cover the face of the body, sit in a corner without a word.
After a brief pause, cloak came softly: "That boy named Lin Qi, ... ... I always feel strange to him breath."
Lei Inna frowned, thought for a while, said: "That boy does have some special qualities, but we are shouldering the task of this trip, plus some of his relationship with Levy, I do not want unnecessary with him conflict. "She peered down the sixth man wearing a cloak request," Altered Beast, into the sea of ??trees, we search for Eric to count on you, so, first we focus intently on the task, can I? "
Beastmaster who called the silent nod.
Agreed knowledge, Lei Yan Na pat the desktop, simple order: "All right, I fixed, the occasion of tomorrow morning, we ready to go."
In this way, the fifth day morning, a pedestrian farewell bud Inna temples, and other adventurers to come here, as yet not stepping on Caojian the dew evaporated into the vast sea of ??trees.
Stood before the sea of ??trees, one of them stopped and the direction in which the Temple Huitou Zhao looked.
"Come on, Altered Beast."
************************************************** **************
"Finally gone!"
Lei, Inna, a pedestrian left the temple, the easy to cloudy first thing to do is hit a ball in the bed of a roll.
Although the red-haired sister who did not do anything for her, but on a day when out of her eyes, still a little trepidation, and the other person is sophisticated, easy to cloudy fear in front of her showing surprising flaws.
These days, she and Lin Qi, or go out for a day, but not too close to the town, among the only walk around the nearby mountains for a breath of fresh air to see a large expanse of sky and breathe the MBT Shoes Sale air fragrant wild .
Linqi Jing Jing sitting on a chair beside the bed, watching the action easy to cloudy, which is to give people a bed to sleep in the different dimensions of comparison, the snow Bai Xiaolong, no matter how frustrating the above are not worried about falling off.
Look at and easy rolling cloudy Suiyi, Lin Qi, even from her movements, the feel is a strong feeling of flying, but he did not know what it is: "Why ... why ... roll?" Lin Qi asked confused.
Late absorption of hearing of the ear while before questioning, easy feeling cloudy and some high, and she sat up holding the quilt corner, looking around Qi Lin: "Because happy, ah, because the other day in the bud Inna , made me have some depression, and now finally the liberation of the ... ... "said the sentences, easy to cloudy noticed his attitude now, a little embarrassed, she quickly loose claws, Lile Li press out fold clothes : "Well, I admit, as a person once, I rolled into this a bit exaggerated ... ... but such a wide bed, I did not hold back ... ..."
Think that the more explanations the more chaotic, cloudy themselves easily rolled eyed, they simply refuse to say.
Qi Lin thought: "do not know."
Pause for a moment, he suddenly looked down and gently licked a bit cloudy in the eyes and easy: "Last time, the water came out here, what is?"
Easy cloudy spent a long while to react, suddenly screamed: "ah! You do lick people!"
Qi Lin puzzled: "Do you often lick it?" He often saw her claws stick to lick the liquid, so learn a bit today.
Easy cloudy almost jumped up: "nonsense, you are a man! I'm not one ... ... No, I actually had a man ... ... ... ... the key is not nor is not human ... ..."
************************************************** ***********
Spilled down the glorious full moon, according to the six people who, in laying a thin layer of pale light of the glade, and cast shadows.
Lei Yin Na led to the occupational Daquan six people, a certain distance apart, stand this is not a big open space, strange pattern carved and placed in several places with a new fold down leaves and branches.
The cloaked man standing in the most central group, as if deep whirlpool stand, while the remaining five people were standing outside edges of the five directions.
Lei, Inna on the TV drama, said: "begin."
The cloaked man then finally reached out, ripped the hood, the hood is tightly under the mask, if for elsewhere, would certainly think that he was playing, but Lei Inna, who was no response , just quietly waiting for his next move.
Off the mask, is blocking the face finally showing off in front of others.
That was very special appearance.
Before the forty-sixth chapter moonset
Updated 2008-12-21 0:13:20 Words: 2224
The moon lights up his dark brown skin, long and pointed ears fine young man with white hair, his handsome nose and lip shape and facial features as indices of human little, but the facial skin, but white students with strange patterns, since forehead as a starting point, as the general blossoming lotus.
Hair as white as flame, and the soul like a burning white eyes, walking in the crowd, this is absolutely startling appearance.
Strange man looks down on one knee, one hand on the center lines on the ground, fingers embedded in the soil when a circle around the shallow brilliant bursts, followed by, scattered in

China suffered what seems to attract, even in large numbers gathered in the only sword in the soil in a simple graphic patterns on the carved out.
The moon was being absorbed into those lines, it seems to breathe a man pale eyes, he whispered the presence of fast no one can understand other people's language, along with his voice, graphics rendering on the convergence of the moon crest of the wave normal.
Gradually, the moon center to form a vortex, as if to attract something.
************************************************** ********
Easy cloudy stood on the table, struggling to use the claw grip is almost as waving a stick pen, write on white paper slowly.
She recited the fifty and today the word, according to this schedule, it is estimated Within months, she will be able to roughly understand the world of text.
Borrowed from the temple library, a book as a copybook, easy cloudy seriously just remember to write their own text, although not learn a foreign language and how easy it easy, but through the efforts of the success was to give the same pleased to bring the young people the joy of the dragon.
Previously, in the hospital, but also self-learned English easily cloudy, but soon not have the patience to give up.
Had to learn English is not necessary in terms of easy to cloudy, and she's living environment is Chinese, his sick bed, she does not need to deal with lingering forty-six examinations, to learn, naturally no pressure, no goal, but now different.
If the words do not have the world on her future will be very convenient, so easy to cloudy study hard, very seriously, not just memorize the meaning of every word, again and again to practice writing on paper.
But because of her paw too small, the Temple was too coarse to provide the pen of some, and the Temple of the books within a circle with the characters, resulting in her handwriting was identified although not ugly does not come out, but each word chubby, the overall line and crooked, it looks like on paper to get out of the same rebel group.
Like a round ball and write the word in general, easy to cloudy chagrin Fangxia Bi, by the way a piece of paper stainedMBT Shoes Clearance  with ink rubbed claws yourself, she opened her two paws, yawn, stretch, going to this today so far.
And this time, the closed room as if the wind blew gently, easily distracted cloudy, the ear can hear what the whispers of

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lit up as

He turned and quietly left the meeting led away. Pro go, I onlyCheap MBT Shoes  a thought: If not last month of fish to feed the cat well.
Children, after all, kids night, goes without a moment we fall asleep, I was removed but not good sleep, get dressed up and stand in front of the window then, hear the sound outside the hospital figure, tracks the sound looked across the Pei Yan Zhen-wing fleet

The door gave the Qing Xiang, there is a beautiful figure who flash into the Bianbu Qing, my heart jump, so if the bad guys sneaking Do we go ... ...
I followed with the inside, to be followed to see the situation in hand, to speak, tenrai bursts Zhipi side door.
Facts have proved that I am obviously much concern. Greeted by a woman lounging on the couch on top of Yu-yi, a few naked Lo veil slowly, I pushed open the door heard the noise, fear of the Lord that is, the end of eye Erotic

An Alice, lips delicately blurred eyes charm, engraved items between themselves in an waves splashed passion. If not I am woman, whenever men Seeing the situation, fear is not the first three souls and soul went six half. Then a closer look

This woman does not dance is led by dancers had just brought it?
At this point, I had just realized Sheng Yu in the phrase "May the beauty of two-phase Plains Wang Yi Chang season" is any meaning.
Man. Really are nasty.
I am very calm and looked at the dancers lying on, shook his head turned out, "Unfortunately, he not see it."
Women smile behind frivolous, provocative general said: "Can not see it does not matter, be able to try."
Keke ... ... I ask the ask feelings, heart meditation "I'm not angry, I'm not angry, I'm not angry ... ..." step out side to pick up the pace.
Stand under the ledge back to the house, but soon, I would see the king riding the moonlight from the Central Plains corridor at the end turn out two or three Meibi behind with every step, until the rooms door, bent down Fook maids would leave more than

Plains Wang pushed under the door into the room.
A tea, in the past ... ...
A stick of incense, in the past ... ...
Jug of wine, in the past ... ...
... ... ... ...
, Scant. Silence, 天下乌鸦一般黑,
I thought, I am a prince's personal maid, holds many lessons is the night to give him a glass of tea Run throat. So I thought, I would naturally push the door to enter.
But, never think, in the car within, not only without the eclectic scenery I expected, Seiki coldest month, the hand, a bit lonely cool. Gorgeous dancers disappeared, only see the prince with his back facing the car in a gown

Side door on the couch, Kam half points did not move, such as the morning straighten the stack when the general put in the bed neatly inside, people who go cold, are classified to be cool, like the night air is cold, slightly curled Pei Yan Chen a

Body, the back of people actually felt the meaning of an unspeakable sorrow.
I have a soft heart, poured a cup of tea and gently placed on the bed, awaiting call him up and drink tea, take the opportunity for him to quilt. Not intended for a bow saw outside his shoulder at the pale blue blouse printed impressively a rouge

Note carefully written. Huoshaohuoliao of an air at once from the bottom of my heart jumped Teng, moved straight Sunburn forehead, "when" is heard, I will cup Dayton in a few, and turned to be away, academics behind

Warble sound shallow person, I look back, but see that he rolled over and watch it on foot to fall under the bed.
I step forward, his arms reaching Laozhu will him up. He shows no clear signs to help his position with my heavy against my arm, lips Duqi, feverish

A child who had been wronged, I Shen Shoutui him, but was (foot caught on the potential of a reflexive hand on his chest pressure in the body.
I struggled a couple of break is not actually open, but the two more closely fit in one place, every inch of every trace of the lines are like lock tightly anchored to the general match exactly, and even breathing are enveloped

Under his breath in. Breath Danjue he gradually sink, a pair of black eyes run suddenly opened in the next month, which overflow a blurred mist, slowly Erotic pressure, was such a catch eyes. Theosophy

Jing Si Yao pulled out of the general drift further away ... ...
Wei Liang atmosphere in the fire to be a trace such as tea into one's mind when I climb, I was abruptly cleared from the pay gap over indulgence. Looked down upon clothes are messy to do in addition, the man fell on me naked

Skin, obsessed with self-summary of the neck all the way between the odd glass of slow meandering spider down deliberately inMBT Shoes general seems to be that soft, slow down slow down, hold in mouth linger in the mouth repeatedly, as people from the soles of the feet hearts flutter a little itchy, not controlled

System to inward Quanqi.
Chaos among the brain reeling heavy, vaguely felt there is something wrong place, but Zhuobu Zhu slightest clue, trying not drive face, jumped into a blur of red eyes, it was his shoulder at that Road blouse rouge

, Towering on it, Youzi bright, at once, the anger from the heart on, I do not know where they come from an own brute force, a reversal took him back pressure in the body.
I look across sitting on his waist, knees do not live with both sides of his legs, catching him by the wrist, Xinshou fishing on the side of a silk sash would be rude to his wrists tied to the bed.
He seemed to fight back by my sudden shock, a moment absence, instinctively resist a little, by my rough repression, the next moment will no longer struggling, just quietly lie down and even somewhat well-behaved

Below me and let me play with tied eyes do not blink moment to tease me, as I also see the deep intense action.
I confirm that fastened his wrists after they had a free hand to take off the side of cooling tea, Doutou poured it on his shoulder, I reached Zhuoqi Nama red in the hands rub the rub, at once, I would see

That effectively colors fade slowly in my hands, I gave a little sigh with satisfaction.
Wensheng, the man heard muffled beneath my smile, smile slightly at the chest between the shock was associated also come to me gently undulating. Tea person pieces to the mixing large open, wet cloth attached prostrata

He sketched out his chest at the neck and shoulder relaxation, as people see red in the face, I look at that wet blouse opened, head down a bit on the use of canines his chest, Danjue under his teeth cramps in my class do not

May contain gently startled.
I do not know why, was he so strong flick, I actually feel a bit triumphant sense of victory, not reflect on his person of a martial arts sword how can easily get it uniform were captured in the body, the thing that strikes you own this

General General towering carved like sitting on top of horses. Head base hope all beings. I looked up, satisfaction with the sharp tongue licked his canine, with a silk top Shangqie faint smell of blood, as people rise to conquer

Haemophilus feeling.
But see his eye color immediately a tight, my mind swept ominous moment, not enough time to get out already turned upside down. After a while choking like dizziness, adding that the dragon stood in general, I again was that he clamped

In the body, become a prisoner.
I can not help but burst of panic, I clearly remember the laps wound to his wrist and played a number of knots tied in bed, when by his light broke from the Bo Yang is found ... ...
He talked down to me carefully from head to toe "looked" over again, pick Erotic lips smile, the next moment, he reached down and deterred tongue caress every inch of my skin, mouth whisper

Whisper: "Remember, they can kiss not your bite, can lick the ... ..." He buried into my chest, the mouth that swallowed a little bit soft, stunned and a cold lump in my breath, he still left off, whales

Swallow birds in the silkworm, they use that little bump at the tip of the tongue lightly in passing along a circle around the lick, "can lick, it will not your kiss."
I feel like what it is wrong, but I can not tolerate such a situation has been pondering, was covered everywhere and every time he captured control, drops in the dark of night, being open, but also by his little

Pinch in the hands of the freedom to reshape the forming ... ...
    CHAPTER 54 Lantern lights? Fu innocence?
Cheung heated by this half Kuangsi the fall of the baptism of the sword, I speak, a blank brain, it seems to swoon a long time coming, once again woke up, the window has been on the West, side looking Pei Yan Chen

Soft, gentle deep breathing, which was fast asleep, lips slightly brought back. What seems to be general is accompanied by sweet dreams.
I hardly managed to lie in my waist, his arm away, struggling to get back up again wearing clothes away, the hearts of whack.
He recognized me? No way! If he recognized me, last night in my waist will never cross his arms, replaced by fear is a two-edged sword is not it!
He did not recognize me? I gritted his teeth, angry edge to the raw courage! Is it really as small oldest maternal aunt said, the man Jieyou evil? Could the king, yesterday changed Zhangsanlisi pock, he collects is not wrong?
That can be tolerated, what can not! Just yesterday I saw the glamorous dancers previously gone exactly where it?
My heart is tangled, the other hand, Yan Pei Zhen, but just like the night of the trace, refreshing night to lead the children to buy lanterns in Luoyang city lights, so I naturally accompanied.
Within the city lights, Lusheng bursts, hanging lanterns, lit up as bright as a day long street, and from the many people, crowds and had very good mood Pei Yan Chen, Xiao children led by the hand every step, all the way

No reduction in line bored tired, I remember ridingMBT Shoes Clearance  past a temper, for such busy people the most is taboo in many places, I married and his two years, never seen him willing to go out visiting the city lights, during the Lantern Festival,

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